All Natural Perfume Oil

A unisex fragrance of desire, love, infatuation and mystery
100% pure essential oils in organic jojoba oil.
5ml / .17 fl oz – Miron glass


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Aromatic family: Velvety Amber, Musk

Core notes: Blue Lotus Attar, Labdanum, Vanilla

Desire, infatuation, love, mystery — this unisex fragrance creates addiction. Voglia, longing in Italian, seamlessly combines notes of Blue Lotus Attar, Labdanum and Vanilla . Expect your other half to wear this warm, woody, rich scent as much as you do. Mix it with other scents like Ballare or Deja, to create another layer of aroma to your perfume.

Inspire your senses with Essentique.

To read more check out our blog:  Voglia: Longing For Luxury


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