Slow Beauty – The kind that lasts


“10 products to use to get clear skin overnight”… We’ve all seen these headlines, from desperate google searches to strange pop-up ads. Just like everything else, skincare has also become part of the immediate satisfaction industry. But how are you surpassing all the time spent nurturing your skin? Well, most of the time, it’s by bombarding your skin with the chemical. Which may relieve your problems temporarily, but often causes more problems in the long run.

Your skin is your largest organ, and yet we’ve been taught to drown it in so many chemicals. We compare that to consuming 10 twinkies a day, imagine the stomach ache! The skin has so many jobs, from first defense against infections to converting sunlight to being our thermostat. And yet, we don’t take time to care for it unless we want to change it. Slow beauty means looking for lifestyle changes and lasting products that will have long-lasting results that help not only the outside but the inside as well

The skin is like a mirror to what is going on inside your body. Meaning that a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, exercise, and sufficient sleep can help improve your skin. Targeting small things, little by little, can create many positive changes. However topical skin treatments compliment this. We should think of the topical treatments as skin food, keeping it happy and healthy. We must also remember that the ingredients in topical skin treatments are extremely important and that some will be absorbed into the bloodstream, or else how would nicotine patches work?

The great thing about Essentique is that we give you the full benefit of great vitamins and substances for your skin. It’s the difference between getting your vitamin C from an orange, that also has fiber and other benefits, compared to a supplement pill. Natural ingredients are gentler on the skin and work extremely well when used with consistency. It also allows for specific and tailored beauty products. Being able to examine each ingredient you can see what works for you and what doesn’t, letting you try different products until you are happy with your routine.

We have all heard the saying “slow and steady wins the race”, yet many of us fail to apply it to our lives. We should take care of our skin just as we do with other parts of our health. We should treat it like royalty and be patient as we work our way through problems rather than taking short-term shortcuts. The most important takeaway from slow beauty is self-love. We must be comfortable with ourselves and allow ourselves the time required to make a true change for ourselves. We should all begin our days with essentique. 

By Helena Cirne


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