To all the men out there!

Do you ever feel envy when you see all the lotions and potions the women in your life (your mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife) use to keep themselves looking beautiful? Do you wish for something better for your face than AXE aftershave? Try Essentique’s NV! It will leave your face feeling so smooth and hydrated that the people around you will be green with envy!

Aloe vera juice has powerful anti-inflammatory and healing properties, helping your skin recover from sunburn, fight acne, or treat razor nicks and burns. Baobab oil absorbs quickly to moisturize and soften hair and beard. Cucumber hydrosol is cooling, refreshing, and hydrating, and helps soothe skin irritations and reduce the appearance of swelling. Perilla (Chinese Basil) extract is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that soothe, repair, and protect mature or aging skin. Pomegranate sterol intensely hydrates the skin and contributes to the formation of a protective barrier for it.

The custom blend of essential oils in this product give NV its light, clean, woodsy scent. Apply NV to cleansed face, morning and night, and even as an aftershave.

Inspire your senses. Start and end your day with Essentique.


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