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If you know Essentique, you probably already know and love our hair washes and hand and body wash. But you may be frustrated by the fact that they come in plastic bottles, especially if you are worried about the environment or travel a lot. Lucky for you, Essentique has developed a new soap bar. These bars are solid and packaging-free, can be used as soap or as shampoo, and are packed with all kinds of wonderful ingredients for your skin and hair!

These soaps are really special, made fresh for you. Every so often, Mandana will send out an email announcing a new scent. If you want a soap bar in that scent, you’ll have a little over a week to place your order, and then Mandana will make the soap bars especially for you. When they’re ready, after they’ve cured for a month, we’ll ship them to you for you to enjoy.

All the oils and butters in the soap bar are luxurious with numerous skin and hair benefits plus some active ingredients that make it even more special. There is no coconut oil in this soap. 

Marula oil has long been used as a cosmetic for both skin and hair. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles (thanks to high levels of antioxidant Vitamins E), can help heal acne, sores, and blemishes (thanks to its antimicrobial properties), helps control and reduce redness and irritation, and helps to repair sun damage, so it is good for all skin needs. It has a pH level that is close to that of human skin, so it can be applied directly to the skin, without dilution. It is ultra rich in super moisturizing but easily absorbed, providing a deep recovery of skin’s elasticity and moisture. Marula protects both skin and hair from dry and harsh weather. 

Uccuba butter is very healing, making it especially good for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. It helps maintain healthy skin by promoting wound healing (by stimulating the division of fibroblasts and promoting their migration into the wounded area) and protecting cell DNA against oxidative damage. Vitamin A helps unclog pores, boost collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines, speed cell renewal, even out discoloration, and smooth the skin. Phenols have anti-inflammatory, healing, and antiseptic properties. 

Buriti oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that rebuild and renew skin tissue and moisturize and re-hydrate skin cells, restoring elasticity. It is an excellent antioxidant, protecting cells against free radicals, and has soothing qualities, making it an excellent treatment for sun-exposed skin, and very effective at repairing lines and wrinkles. For hair, buriti oil adds shine and silkiness, and can help repair chemically-damaged hair.

Goat milk has been used since antiquity to heal and nourish skin, and is a natural cleanser. Goat milk hydrolysate is easily absorbed, providing intense hydration and superior conditioning benefits, while being gentle on the skin. 

Quaternized honey is a natural, active ingredient made from pure honey. It has unique moisturizing, softening and smoothing benefits, thanks to its excellent moisture binding capabilities, which can be applied to both skin and hair. 

Ellagic acid is a naturally occurring compound with all kinds of superpowers. It is a type of antioxidant called a “polyphenol,” that assists in fighting fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces inflammation and protects collagen, encouraging elasticity and suppleness, leaving you with youthful looking skin. Ellagic acid also provides natural UV protection, protecting the skin from sunburn. It is also a safe skin brightener: preventing spots and freckles after sun exposure, and improving the appearance of pigmented skin.

Keep your eyes peeled for an email announcing the first batch of these new soap bars!


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