What’s on the surface? Skin Microbiota

Learn about the skin's natural immune system and how essential it is to keep the microbiota of our skin in healthy balance by introducing prebiotic ingredients.

Skin Microbiota

Did you know that our skin is home to approximately one million micro-organisms?!

The stratum corneum, the outermost layer of our skin and our natural clothing, is home to many microbes including bacteria, fungi and viruses that are living harmoniously on our skin surface. As long as there is a healthy balance in our microbiota these microbes will be harmless or even beneficial and can play a role in our skin’s immune system. How do they create a natural immune system? These microbes are competing for food and space on our skin and they inhibit the growth of their competitors by producing antimicrobial peptides that can remove the potentially harmful bacteria from our skin.

However, when this system is out of balance, it can cause many skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema or serious infections. Factors such as skin pH, sebum, compromised barrier function, low hydration, weather, and lifestyle can also affect our microbiota.

Boost Your Skin’s Natural Immune System

Our goal is to keep the microbiota of our skin in a healthy balance. One of the ways is to use skincare formulations that contain prebiotic ingredients. These superfoods nourish our skin microbiota.  One of these superfoods is freshwater chlorella vulgaris, a micro-algae residing in the Pyrenees and Mediterranean lakes.

An in vitro study showed the revitalizing effect of this superfood, thanks to its superb nutritional value outperforming epidermal growth factor (EGF), and thickening skin. Because of its broad spectrum prebiotic effect it can provide a balanced skin nutrition and preserve the skin balance. In addition, it soothes the skin by preventing the inflammation triggered by microbiome imbalances, promoting clear skin and reducing excess sebum production. 

You can find this fabulous prebiotic in our Bespoke product Nu, a hydrogel that gives your skin the ultimate hydration.  


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