Why You Should Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine

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Skin Care Routine

It’s easy to find something you love and stick with it. We are creatures of habit so it’s not uncommon to want to establish routine. Especially when it comes to skincare, it often takes time to try out new products, find ones that work, and create a solid routine that makes you feel good. However, while consistency is key, it is also beneficial to try out new things, switch it up, and make sure you are not being overly stagnant in your skin care regimen. 

As in any consistent practice, there reaches a point when one plateaus. Maybe you play an instrument and you’ve mastered a certain song. It obviously wouldn’t help you to be better at that instrument if you kept playing the same song, so you need to advance to a more difficult one. Similarly with skincare, keeping the same routine for extended periods of time (this generally spans over the course of months) could hinder your results and here’s why. For many active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, or AHA’s and BHA’s, your skin can develop a familiarity to the concentration of the ingredient. This is referred to as tachyphylaxis which is when a product loses its effect over time as your skin adjusts to it. Your body is adaptive, so your skin cells begin to recognize the concentration and adjust themselves such that they don’t respond the same as when they first encountered the ingredient. For active ingredients (or ones you tend to find with various concentration levels), you will need to go up in concentration or frequency of use to see continued results. The rest of the time, you will see stagnation in the improvement of your skin because you may have reached the threshold of what that product is capable of accomplishing. For example, if a user’s goal was skin brightening and they were noticing amazing results with a particular product they may find after a few months their skin merely just stayed the same with no additional improvements. This is probably because the product had its intended effect and cannot brighten past the point it already has. For these reasons it is crucial to either try out new products once in awhile and keep the ones you love in constant rotation. 

There are many ways to plan out your changing skincare regimen. Most commonly, people tend to naturally change their routine with the seasons. Swap out lighter moisturizers and heavier cleansers in the summer time for more oils, thick creams, and gentle cleansers in the colder seasons. Or you could change your routine weekly based on the skin concerns you are hoping to address. If you want to focus on dark spots one week and wrinkles and fine lines in another, you can find products that address each and switch off to improve upon both. This is why it’s fun to have different moisturizers, serums, and cleansers on hand so you can keep your routine with a specific order but just swap out one or two products occasionally. For example, instead of using Elevate firming facial cream you could try out Line-Break moisturizing facial cream so you still have the same routine just a new product. For Essentique cleansers, try consistently using Lumin8 oil cleanser and for your second wash, alternate between Clair and Uplift. If you use a toner, we love Bloom but you could also test out hydrosols such as Rose or Cucumber which act as toners. Many Essentique customers swear by Petale facial serum but we also have R3 facial oil serum to switch off with.

 Mandana even recommends using other 100% natural, fresh and safe brands alongside Essentique products to ensure you always try new things. She also encourages everyone to get creative with Essentique facial masques by adding fresh elements into them; like honey, yogurt, fruit juice, collagen shots, etc. Mandana is always in the process of formulating new products that complement existing ones to keep you entertained and your skin happy and nourished. So everytime you pay us a visit make sure to ask, “what’s new”! Lastly, remember to pick up new products and stay on the hunt for things that intrigue you. Skincare isn’t meant to be boring, so have fun playing with new products because you never know what you’ll end up loving. Next time you feel you’re dragging your feet to the sink to perform a routine that’s more work than play, consider switching up your products. Not only will it keep skincare feeling like self-care but you will continue seeing consistent results as your skin will thank you for it too. 

By: Rojean Janzad


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  1. Great post. Informative and useful information. I always change my skincare routine after a certain time. Everyone needs to do this; otherwise, the skin will get the addiction to some products that might harm their skin as well.

    Thanks, Rojean, for this useful article! All the best to you!

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