Your Ambiance, Your Mood!


Create your own ambiance with intoxicating Essentique aromas and eclectic music from our curated Spotify playlist.

Primal Sound

We at Essentique like to curate our ambient space as we go about our daily work. Once you step foot into our boutique in Palo Alto, you enter into our ambiance. We surround you with love, beauty, freshness, intoxicating aromas, and music

Everything we do at Essentique is about being natural, fresh, inclusive, and creative. The music we like to play is also that; fresh new music of all kinds from all over the world that resonates with us. Each and every month we refresh our 100-song playlist, Primal Sound {Essentique}, on Spotify. 

As you’re spending more and more time working from home, start curating your own space. Diffuse our amazing aromatherapy essential oil blends while putting our playlist on shuffle-play. Surround yourself with some lovely plants and step into your ambiance! We guarantee you will step into a better space!

Start enjoying some of the best music being created today by talented musicians from around the globe. 

Go ahead and follow our playlist on Spotify and on Instagram! Enjoy!


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