Seeing my Skin CLAIRly

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As an eighteen year old high school graduate, I have suffered from my unpredictable skin patterns for many discomforting years. Acne, unfortunately, seems to play a large factor in my confidence and overall self-esteem. After many visits to the dermatologist and a boatload of money spent on different brands with ingredients and chemicals, my skin was still looking quite grim. I suffocated my skin for years with various things, yet I still hadn’t attained the skin I desired. It wasn’t until I switched to natural products that my skin was truly able to thrive. 

Essentique’s facial cleanser, Clair, seems to work like magic. Free of chemicals and harsh ingredients, my skin is finally able to breathe. When applied to a damp face, it lathers in like silk, accompanied by a soothing tingling in the face. Followed with moisturizer (sometimes), my skin constantly looks dewy and fresh. Not to say that my skin is completely free of acne; breakouts are completely natural and unavoidable. But that does not mean that you can’t feel comfortable in your own skin, even one that is spotted with pimples. Clair not only works as an effective cleanser, but it gives me confidence in my own skin in a way that I trust completely. Oftentimes, when using a product, there can be a period of time in which it seems to help, however, overall it doesn’t work the way you intended it to. With Clair, I always know that my skin is clean and hydrated, and I have no doubts that it is taking care of my skin. 

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, so why do we spend so much time feeding it products that ultimately hurt it? Essentique’s products are completely natural; with every use you can be assured that you are in no way harming your skin or stripping it of its natural properties. Since including Clair in my facial routine, I have indeed had a much clearer and healthier complexion. Not only that, but this product also gives me the sense that I am doing good for my skin, and therefore that my skin will do good for me. What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on them. Take care of your skin so that it can do the same for you. I put my trust in Clair, and I can finally see my skin Clair-ly for what it is: absolutely gorgeous. 

By Mary Racz


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